Theoretical aspects of structured catalysts and reactors creation and application, as well as dynamic modes in catalytic systems:
  • Unsteady kinetics of catalytic reactions
  • Cyclic reactions and chemical oscillators
  • Heat and mass transfer in structured catalytic systems
  • Hydrodynamics of flows in structured catalysts and reactors
  • Specificity of the flow of reaction flows under dynamic changes in conditions in catalytic structures
  • Modern digital methods for studying dynamic processes in catalytic structures (mathematical modelling, AI, machine learning, neural networks, big data)

Structured catalysts and catalytic reactors based on them:
  • Monolith/honeycomb catalysts
  • Catalysts on microfiber supports
  • Catalysts based on foamed carriers and highly porous cellular materials
  • Catalysts based on nanofibers and nanotubes
  • Catalysts on hollow microspherical supports
  • Catalysts on wire supports
  • Microreactors
  • New shapes of granular catalysts

Unsteady and dynamic processes in catalytic reactors:
  • Processes based on the targeted use of thermal non-stationarity of catalytic beds
  • Reverse-flow processes
  • Processes based on the targeted use of the dynamically changing composition of the catalyst surface and the state of the active components
  • Adsorption-catalytic and chemisorption-catalytic processes
  • Cyclic processes, chemical looping technologies
  • Processes in fluidized and moving catalyst beds
  • Processes of oxidative regeneration of catalysts
  • Optimal dynamic control of catalytic processes under catalyst deactivation